Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will I Have Withdrawal?

 As my first ever blogging experience is approaching the end, I wonder how I'll feel once it's done? Clearly, there's no expiration date. Blogger will be there and I can continue the writing habit, but will I?
As hesitant as I was in committing to this challenge, I whole-heartedly admit that I got a lot out of it. For the past year and a half, I'd mentally compose musings and observations on nature as I walked the dog through various seasons, and think "I should try this blogging stuff that I see people posting about. It would be a good experience. But oh no...I can't imagine putting myself out there for others to read, to critique? Too scary..." and so I put the notion far, far away.
Then along came this opportunity, and after some coaxing from previous "slicers" at my school, I jumped in enthusiastically. The passion may have faded a bit as the weeks went on. My daughter teased me about my entries getting a bit weak. Inspiration didn't seem to inspire as regularly as it did the first week, but nevertheless, I think I may be a little sad when it ends. Not only did it provide a daily practice of exercising the writing muscles, it helped me learn so much about perseverance, commitment, following through, making it happen. It also opened new connections and built closer bonds with coworkers via shared stories.
I think Blogger will be my buddy well into spring, summer...and I'll finally write all those musings and observations. I'll be a brave blogger!


  1. I'm terrible with keeping up with things like this, so the fact that I have for 28 days (I missed one) is a feat. I've had the same thoughts about post-challenge. Can't wait to read any of your "after" posts.

  2. I completely agree!! I think I will try to keep with it at least once a week. It's made me more aware of things - I find myself thinking "oh, this could be a good story!" during daily moments. My students don't want to quit either. Having an audience and comments is my favorite part. It makes the blogging feel so much more real and special.

  3. Sounds like this challenge served its purpose, then! I've found myself trying and learning more and more new things since I began blogging, and hope you keep going.

    1. Well said! Such a good thing you have done for yourself and will no doubt continue doing. I'm on the same page.

  4. Well done! It seems so daunting, and yet here we are. I hope you will join the Tuesday slicers. It is a smaller crowd, but keeps you sharp.

  5. I am right there with you. My mom and sisters have faithfully followed my blog and I think they might experience even more withdrawal symptoms than I will!

  6. The first few days of April are always difficult. Glad you enjoyed this challenge!

  7. I also wonder if I will blog after this. There have definitely been better more thoughtful posts on my blog too, along with some of the lesser.