Friday, March 31, 2017

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

As the farewell song from one of my family's favorite musical runs through my head, I ponder how I really feel about this challenge being over. It was grand, but yet, I feel a slight sense of relief from no longer having those panicky moments of "I didn't blog today! What time is it?" or "Oh my gosh....I wrote my blog, but forgot to link it...wait, or did I?"
I do sincerely hope that I continue to blog when inspiration strikes. Someone mentioned a Tuesday blog...I shall explore.
Thanks to everyone for being a welcoming community and for sharing your stories.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disco Inferno

Taking a brief pause in my dance party in the living room to share a slice. Part of my staycation spring break agenda was a trip to the Drury Lane Theater to see their production of Saturday Night Fever. To be economically wise we went for matinee tix at 1:30pm! Let me just say, my mid 50s friend and I never felt so young. Clearly the real seniors came out for this one! 
The production was awesome! So many connections to wardrobe, dance moves, lingo. Having actually taken disco lessons back in the 70s with a group of 6+ friends, who all crammed into the cool guy's Mustang to get there every Thursday night (yep- being straight up here), I was feeling it. Had we not been concerned about blocking the other patrons' view, we would have been dancing in the aisles. But we were courteous, hence, getting my groove on in the living room go! Thank you Spotify for always providing! Stayin' alive!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will I Have Withdrawal?

 As my first ever blogging experience is approaching the end, I wonder how I'll feel once it's done? Clearly, there's no expiration date. Blogger will be there and I can continue the writing habit, but will I?
As hesitant as I was in committing to this challenge, I whole-heartedly admit that I got a lot out of it. For the past year and a half, I'd mentally compose musings and observations on nature as I walked the dog through various seasons, and think "I should try this blogging stuff that I see people posting about. It would be a good experience. But oh no...I can't imagine putting myself out there for others to read, to critique? Too scary..." and so I put the notion far, far away.
Then along came this opportunity, and after some coaxing from previous "slicers" at my school, I jumped in enthusiastically. The passion may have faded a bit as the weeks went on. My daughter teased me about my entries getting a bit weak. Inspiration didn't seem to inspire as regularly as it did the first week, but nevertheless, I think I may be a little sad when it ends. Not only did it provide a daily practice of exercising the writing muscles, it helped me learn so much about perseverance, commitment, following through, making it happen. It also opened new connections and built closer bonds with coworkers via shared stories.
I think Blogger will be my buddy well into spring, summer...and I'll finally write all those musings and observations. I'll be a brave blogger!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Unwinding is Tough

Okay- it's officially day 2 of the work week of spring break. Is anyone else still finding themselves occasionally thinking- oooh, wow, I have a free minute! What can I get off the to-do list? I have booked myself solid with friends and family visits during the daytime, because I don't want to look back at this staycation and question "what did I do all week?", but as soon as I'm home I feel like I should be accomplishing  something, so...I'm going to step right out of that comfort zone and go hit the couch with a magazine and the remote. How's that for a "slice of life?"

Monday, March 27, 2017

Clock Watching Freedom

So what's the best thing about spring break? Is it all the fun lunch dates I've made with family and finds? The trip to the outlet mall that awaits at the end of the week? Hanging out in yoga pants, sweatshirts and other comfy wear (like my flannel llama pajama pants)? Perhaps those lazy no-alarm wake ups? That last one is getting's not having to watch the clock!
I do love teaching! I love the kids! I love my colleagues! But, I do not love the clock watching of the day and how tied we are to specific times and bells.
This week gives us a reprieve...ah... Uh-oh! It's getting close to seven o'clock- time for Dancing With the Stars!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mozart and Roku

Being of the generation that grew up with channels 2,5,7,9, 26 and 32 (if you're over 50 and grew up in Chicagoland this makes sense), the whole concept of streaming took a while for me to get accustomed to. The Roku device that arrived at my door sat in its package for many months. Then, after my daughter convinced and guided me to set it up- it sat in its forgotten HDMI 2  spot on the back of my TV for a few more months. I'm not a huge TV watcher to start out with, and then, it took some time for me to transfer my TV habit from, "I wonder what is on?" to "I feel like watching..." and enjoy the  freedom streaming provides. I slowly dipped my toe in the streaming pool by revisiting some faves from my youth  like "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and found great comfort in the nostalgia. Then I discovered "Mozart in the Jungle."So fun! So a world I do not know! Thirty minute episodes so no huge time commitment, though I have indeed spent 3 hours straight no problem. The characters, the relationships, the music! The addiction! Any fellow slicers get what "playing with blood" means?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Epilogue to The Struggle

Von Maur
Adooooooooorable cork wedged fun sandals
(As my daughter said, perfect for looking cute while sipping a summer beverage on a patio!)
I embraced the struggle

Friday, March 24, 2017


There’s a phenomenon (okay, perhaps I am exaggerating) called Popsockets hitting many cell phones and devices. I am not, by the way, being paid to promote this product. My daughter and all her twenty-something friends had them on their phones when I saw them recently and I was intrigued. Ever since I graduated to what I call my “mini, mini iPad” a.k.a. iPhone6 Plus, it has been a challenge to hold the phone comfortably with one hand- especially when it’s selfie time!  My concern was that the little attachment would be too would catch on insides of pockets, get stuck in my purse, be too thick to slide into a back jean pocket. I was mistaken! I’d share a pic of these little helpers, but they are attached to  the phone I need to use to take the picture, so I’ll illustrate with images from Google.

After a good 30 minutes on Amazon and deciding the right style of my new toys...I waited. In a few days they were at my door and after attaching them, I have found fabulously helpful uses. I got two due to the length of my phone. No more strategically propping the phone against the fruit basket while reading a recipe while cooking. Popsockets to the rescue! Watching a video is a breeze while multitasking thanks to the easels the Popsockets form. When talking on the phone, I simply pop one open and let my hand relax, flat, with fingers hugging the socket. Well, and when its selfie time- I got it!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Struggle

This struggle is real. I've triple checked with women near and dear to me.
The struggle? Footwear in this transitional weather.
Today it was 46 degrees in the lovely Chicago suburb where I live and work. I easily chose a newer pair of boots to wear. They're fairly new thanks to the post winter clearance sales. The boots of true winter days are just not fresh and inviting anymore, but nevertheless, the recently freshened up selection works! No brainer dressing for school.
Tomorrow will be 75 fabulous degrees! Yay! However, for feet that have been booted all winter, this is quite a sudden coming out into public view once again. How bad does that pedi look? Sure- sandals aren't required- a nice closed shoe could work, IF THEY EXISTED! It's either very flat flats that not everyone (ahem) can handle or matronly super supportive heavy wintery shoes. Anyone out there have a solution?
All suggestions welcome!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Stress

Stress- a word that typically has negative connotations. Stress- we're supposed to do all kinds of things to relieve it and/or prevent it because it can cause health problems, emotional issues, and make us simply...stressed.
I am definitely in stress mode, but I keep reminding myself that it's all good, happy stress. How can that be? All the events filling up my calendar are actually positive.  Two in-district classes (need to be on a Twitter Live chat in 15 minutes, writing daily, physical therapy for the bum knee, formal observation the last day before spring break, checking out my daughter's wedding venue, a Friday night outing with the YA-YAs (a group of besties). All of these things will improve my craft, my health, my relationships! All positive, but I know...stressed!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coffee! Glorious, Wonderful, Delicious Coffee!

As I stood next to a co-worker's desk today discussing an upcoming lesson that needed some  fine tuning today, I took a sip of my freshly "Keuriged" hot beverage and said, "Mmm, I just love coffee. I think that's what I'll blog about today."
Yes- I do indeed enjoy and worship this hot caffeinated elixir. I'm that person who can relate to every cute and sometimes cheesy saying on all the mugs at Home Goods. I'm the person who scoffs at decaf, because, seriously, why? I'll admit I was decaffing a few years back due to blood pressure issues, though.
My love affair with coffee began when I was fifteen. My Mom and I were at a restaurant called The Blueberry Cafe for these amazing blueberry pancakes when she casually suggested I have some coffee as well. I don't remember ever having some incredible longing to try coffee prior to that, but whoa! I was hooked. We've been together ever since!

Monday, March 20, 2017


Had a great weekend. No social commitments, leaving it wide open for catching up with some work for classes I’m currently taking, laundry, bills, tweaking the paperwork for an upcoming formal observation...all interspersed with leisurely puppy strolls, family phone calls, impromptu lunch with my daughter. Yup- it’s going to be a great week!  I feel rejuvenated AND caught up. Sunday night blues were minimal, as I was not in panic mode. Life was good to go for the week of March 20th. I even got to bed earlier than usual.
The thunder woke me once or twice, only because my canine companion is not a fan, and essentially sits above my head on the pillow in full alert mode thinking the world is ending, but once I got him to hide under the covers, we drifted back into a sweet slumber. Enough rest was definitely happening.
I actually awoke before my alarm, which is pretty much a miracle. Cool, I thought,I’m really well-rested. What a fabulous way to start the week!  Then, I looked at my phone- 6:33?! AT that moment Harry Belafonte heralded me with “Jump in the line, rock your body on time” (what can I say- Beetlejuice fan).

That’s a whole hour later than my usual wake up time! Apparently my leisurely weekend had carried over into some leisurely alarm setting. Panic at the forefront of my chillaxin’ attitude for this fine Monday.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Dog by Any Other Name

For those who have children, can you connect to the times when you cannot recall the name of your child's friend's parental unit? All you can come up with is "Jack's mom- so nice to see you again!" as you awkwardly run into a fellow mom at the grocery store. Or, "Yes, let's ask Annie's dad if he can help out this weekend", as you plan a school event.
Well, it's quite the same situation in puppy land. I live in a dog friendly condo/apartment community and as the weather warms up (not really, but the sun is out longer) the paths are more puppy populated with dog walking folk.  Ahhh... that uncomfortable moment when you see someone for the first time after the great thaw and want to say hello and all you can pull out of your hat is "Hi! How's Mocha today?" or "Is Sassy loving this warm up?"
As time passes and one makes those connections, you start seeing the humans at the gym or the pool and can only think, "Oh...that's Skylar's mom...that chocolate cocker spaniel. Oh...what was her name again?" And then you proceed with the quick shuffle past her, because really, how awful is it to not remember your neighbor's name, and you hear "Hello there! You're Berkley's mom, right?"

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Universe Delivers

Over recent years, as I have delved into more “wonky” (please see earlier blogpost with this title)  , I have come across and tried a few new approaches to living life. One of these is The Law of Attraction, made quite popular by The Secret when it was published in 2006. I never read it back then, but have become a follower of a few LOA “gurus” and find it amazing that the theory of putting out a message to the Universe while in a good, positive vibrational place, will provide exactly what you want or in some cases, need.
Why am I “slicing” about this today? Well- the Universe delivered indirectly the swift kick in the proverbial you know what in the form of a minor knee sprain. I’d been limping and moaning and cramping on and off for about 3 weeks. The kind and observant P.E. teacher (thanks Khan) kept telling me “Dudenas! You need to get that checked out” whenever he passed my hobbling self in the halls at school. My usual  Zumba schedule was fading away. It was easier (or so I thought) to ice the knee and attempt fulfillment via all the wrong snacks. Yeah- no...I was spiraling into a woe is me, what if this is just an age thing and it’s not repairable pity party, when, pow! On a simple descent down the stairs at school the knee gave out. Fortunately Mr. Handrail was there to grab me, and the near tumble prompted a call to the doctor the very same day.
Well, the Universe delivered. After an evaluation this morning, I have been granted physical therapy 2x a week for a month, an entire page of exercises for “homework” along with encouragement to ride the stationary bike (and time off from Zumba -sad face).
Look at that- I have a path to getting back on track with taking care of my physical self.

Thank you Universe for keeping it real.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Favorite Irish Treat

Tomorrow’s the day! Get out your green! And many say that it’s a double bonus- it’s a Friday this year. Consuming Irish beverages is especially appropriate and definitely more fun when the next day is Saturday.
Pinch me I guess. Though my heart’s with the rest and yes, I will wear my most festive green,
but my consumption of grain is in another form. Actually, it’s been going on for a few weeks. I like it with breakfast, sometimes for lunch, occasionally with tea at bedtime. I’ve been enjoying this treat ever since the local Jewel had loaves of it beckoning from quaint baskets at the registers. MY St. Patrick’s day treat! Irish soda bread!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Relationships- they’re what make the world go round! We have them in all areas and of all types- personal, professional, familial, simply cordial, soul mate level...the list goes on! “Relationships” is very much the buzz word, validly so, in business, education, medicine and other areas. We have everything from The Huffington Post to The Wall Street Journal posting and tweeting on the value and positive impact relationships make on our health, longevity and happiness.

I’m all for relationships. I’m a people person. However, I recently learned that one of my relationship building tools is a big no-no! Just recently, a colleague and I attended a fantastic keynote address with dinner type event and...the speaker said there a few things that do NOT belong in any home, classroom or relationship. One was yelling (agreed) and the other was, if can you believe it, sarcasm! Well, I couldn’t believe it...I’m  lovingly sarcastic on a regular basis. Listen to me joking with fifth graders in the lunchroom, bonding with students over a writing conference, speaking to my dearest friends and family. Okay- I’ll admit back when I taught first grade sarcasm didn’t fly very well...some would look at me with teary eyes and I’d lovingly say “I’m joking!” while the two or three who “got it” snickered with satisfaction.

Oh well...I gotta be me! I’ll be more sensitive to when and where I use sarcasm, but it seems to be what keeps many of my connections lively and real.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


All the players are gone.
The spare Playbills have been collected .
A glove that missed a pocket lays here.
An abandoned water bottle perches on a window ledge.
The soft echo of ushers' voices haunts the quiet halls accompanied by the  occasional click-clack of footsteps.
Slowly the energy of learning in these halls fades for the evening, with the hope it's been transported to the outside.
Before you know it, as a new day dawns. the curtain will be going up again.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Life Lessons

I have a confession to make. A bold, "I'm ashamed to admit this" professional confession. Though I've been in education for twenty-plus years, up until this school year I struggled with my lack of ease in dealing with kids with special needs. Fortunately, I was led to a place where I'd overcome this lack. I literally just stepped out of a classroom and couldn't wait to get to my computer to quickly share my emotions.

Three times a week I am fortunate enough to work on language with these students and I have learned more from them, than they from me, hands down. Their care and kindness towards others is a lesson to us all, as we charge around often feeling overwhelmed or stretched too thin to really notice what matters. The joy reflected in their eyes when they accomplish a task reminds me to slow down and soak up experiences. The connection and joy they emit upon interacting with each other and their teachers is something many of us are too busy to notice throughout the course of our over scheduled days.
Thank you Universe, for bringing me here.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

She's on Her Way

Though today's temperature and date are still on a winter's page according to the calendar, I'd say Spring is sneaking in her arrival once again. This time, not with as much audacity as a few weeks ago, when we were pulling out the 
warm- weather wardrobes, and kids were showing up to school in shorts, but nevertheless...she's on the way! 

Lazy Sundays allow for a leisurely stroll for the little man and me and today,we saw plenty of Madame Spring's calling cards scattered around the neighborhood.
The paths were alive with fellow canine friends and their charges smiling and greeting each other with hopeful "Isn't the sunshine great today?" hellos. Peeking preludes of flowers to come even caught Berkley's attention as they popped through the dull wood chips. And the classic messenger of spring, a chipper and chubby and red breasted robin hopped right across our path.
And tonight, when it's still light out at close to 7 pm, we'll be reassured of winter's welcome farewell.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mood Alteration

After yesterday's incredible dry spell regarding ideas for blogging, I found today to be a very generous idea day. I went from a warm, fuzzy family inspiration, to some news that, for a moment, turned my world upside down, and THAT is what I had decided to blog on until I decided to get myself to a better place because dang it, I was angry! So I went with my usual mood altering technique, the one that never fails. I had so much mood boosting going on that I thought I'd share a "slice" of that today.

Simple really. Never left my own living room. Just turned on the Bluetooth speaker, Spotify and...voila! Tinybirdwithabigsong became tinybirdwithalottamoves (accompanied by a happily frenzied pup). Yes, I "put my pinky ring up to the moon" and well, life was good again!

Music is the most powerful force in the Universe to me. Funny, coming from someone who really can't sing (yet!) except in the car with Broadway musical soundtracks. Geez...I'm really being painfully open here- stepping out of the proverbial comfort zone indeed! This, from a girl who was told by her music teacher in her teens, "Lydia, you're a young person brimming with emotion. Put that emotion into your music." Yeah- wasn't loving' the accordion Dad brought home for me to play when I was hoping for a piano... Like I said, painfully open. I digress... back to my happy place.

Music soothes me. Music evokes memories I would have never remembered. Music connects one's soul to special people and places. It focuses me when I work,  makes my heart dance with joy, and yet, can just as easily cause a lump in my throat and cause tears to well up. Sometimes tears of sadness, sometimes wistful whimpers, but mostly elation and complete "in the moment" happiness!

Friday, March 10, 2017


Where are you inspiration?
I just can't get going without you!
Though I am sincerely enjoying "slicing" this finding Friday evening creativity non-existent.
I considered a poetic piece on the fire that's crackling on this, one of the coldest March nights...meh...
Then I thought of sharing my concern about the negativity and violence in our world, but...why give power to the bad vibes...nope.
Perhaps a simple sleepy passage on the need for rest and relaxation this Friday evening?
Not warm, cozy comforter beckons.
Point taken- future Friday blogs will be morning musings.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of My Best Friends

I have a friend I have been chums with since I was fifteen. This friend always provides a well needed jolt to my reality, is inspirational, and never disagrees with me.
I love that this friend is comfortable anywhere at all and that I always look forward to spending time together in any setting. Sometimes we hang out in my living room or kitchen.Sometimes we just sit at the local cafe or a more corporate place like a Starbucks. Occasionally, it's a road trip that keeps our bond going, with me being the soulful recipient of the ignition this great companionship  always delivers. This loyal companion even helps me get my workdays off to a clear start.
Once in a rare while, this relationship does indeed get forgotten, and just sits, collecting a film of indifference. But those moments are few and far between, because most often, just like tonight, I simply cannot wait to be with my best buddy again tomorrow morning!
That wonderful, warm, dark brown cup of java is so welcoming!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anticipation (a poem)

March is forever
It lasts a whole year!
The weather unpredictable
As it fills us with fear
That sunshine’s on strike
And green is MIA
That pools will never hear
The children’s “hooray!”
Then calendar pages turn
And April takes a peek
Into the future
That’s no longer so bleak!
Rays of sun illuminate
Green grass is peeking through
The earthy home that was blanketed in white
Is now a memory that flew!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


So some people in my family say I've gotten all "Zen". A coworker excitedly said to me, "Ooooh, you're into all that stuff? You're "wonky" like me!" This caused me to check Urban Dictionary because the coworker was in her twenties, and I just wanted to be sure what "wonkiness" truly entails.
Is it good that I'm "wonky"? UD says "weird, whacked out" but the traditional meaning is "off-center". I'll take that- perhaps a bit "off -center" if viewed through the traditional lens, but not at all so if you ask me what my wonkiness has gotten me.
"Wait! What do you mean tiny bird with a big song? How indeed, are you wonky?" you ask.

Simply put, I've been working on my inside. Starting my day with a leisurely coffee, some personal development and spiritual reading with a wee bit of meditation and some sun salutations on the side, just to wake up the outside. I like where all of this takes me. I'm less stressed and find more joy!
I'm all over the essential oil diffusing, and do I want a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp? You bet!
I haven't "saged" my place yet, but have been told the wonders of it by fellow "wonky" teachers and actually have the sage ready to light.
Wonky works for me- are you wonky?

Monday, March 6, 2017

A. Ham

In less than 48 hours, I'll be talking less and smiling more because I'll be in the room where it happens! I've been willing to wait for it  since the 2016 Tonys when I became, to put it ever so mildly, obsessed with Lin Manuel Miranda's incredible talent. 

Ah! The joy of the day we got the tickets...I remember it well...
Tickets were going on sale for shows in Chicago, and while the soundtrack accompanied our feverish efforts my daughter and I were at four different devices (yes, we were "those" people) in our living rooms stressin', hitting "buy tickets now" like we were running out of time!
After many hours I got a text from Karina, saying she got tickets! Woot-woot! Our hearts went BOOM! 

It seemed like the day would never come, and it's here! This week! No longer feeling Helpless!

Spotify has been set to the soundtrack on every longer commute, Amazon has delivered the complete libretto months ago, morning coffee travels in a "Talk Less. Smile More" thermal cup. 
How lucky we are to be alive right now!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March Madness

It's March...which brings to mind so many things:
 March Madness as in basketball brackets,
 St. Patrick's Day and all of its glorious celebrations,
 Fat Tuesday,
 The hope of seeing the first spring sprouts of green peeking through the soil,
 The first day of spring!

And then there's the rich, creamy goodness of that "this time of year only" delectable treat. Creamy, smooth, sweet, visually appealing, as its pale minty green color harkens spring along with the need to drive through the nearest "golden arches" and get just a little one. Just a bit of a treat. This is my personal March Madness, because though I like ice cream, and am the first to enjoy a sweet treat, I find my recently found love for Shamrock Shakes surprising. 

I hadn't given them a second thought, till just early last week. I saw our evening custodian arrive for work, happily sipping on one. 
"Oh my gosh! Is that a Shamrock Shake? Are they out already?", I asked excitedly. 
You know where I detoured to on the way home that day...only to be told "We're sorry M'am. Our machine is down today."
Argh! March MADNESS indeed!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tiny Bird

A few years back, I was gifted an interesting book. It was quite "heavy", spiritual, deep, universal. The teacher in me took over as I text coded the pages. One passage made an especially powerful impact on me.
 It said, " What, therefore, is your gift to humanity? It is to express what you are in beauty and strength, knowing that you are an eternal power. A sparrow has beauty because it expresses the Force naturally. It is its very essence, or its bird likeness, that gives it charm, and yet what does it amount to?
A sparrow is no more than a little lump of bone and feather, two toothpicks for legs, and a silly "tweet" for a voice, but it gives pleasure without knowing it. The reason for this is that its power is not cluttered by mind or emotion. It is pure, a spontaneous example the life force in motion." (The Force by Stuart Wilde)
I'm not sure why, even as I type the words here, but it really spoke to me as I coded the passage with a simple bird-like sketch. Even now, I get teary. Somehow I identified, I envied, I found comfort.
A few weeks later, while shopping, I spotted this framed sculpture in a shop I rarely visit...had to have it.
And just last week, when I texted my daughters for blog-naming suggestions, the reply I received was "Tiny Bird with a Big Song". The Universe, the Force, speaks...or tweets!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hidden Treasure

Things people treasure vary. There's family and friends, heirloom jewelry, Aunt Maude's lace tablecloth, the home made mother's day cards stashed in a safe place,the Dad's old cap, the cork from a bottle of wine shared on a special occasion...the list goes on.

Then there's the tall cylindrical pink -striped cardboard canister innocently parked in the far corner of a colleague's desk. It holds treasure. The only treasure we seek mid-morning when it's not quite lunchtime or when we're needing to recharge our batteries when we're having "one of those days" and need an accompaniment to that mid-day cup of caffeine. The treasure chest that one approaches, hopefully and sometimes tentatively, because...there's a chance that other pirates may have gotten to the loot already!

Fortunately the pirate crew is a friendly lot and freely participate by following an honor system of reloading this special treasure chest of edible GOLD!
Ah the sights seen at this spring of satisfaction! Joy at finding just the right "type" of gold (dark seems to be popular) or despair because all that's left has too much crunch and ocassional panic as a pirate digs frantically for at least one nugget that holds a desperately desirable sweeter surprise.
 Nevertheless,this holy grail brings us together to share, to vent, to celebrate, without even needing to say a word.

Not all treasure chests are trunks with locks and chains. Some are simply recycled cardboard containers, holding the sweetest, richest treasures.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


So, as I grape-vined meringue'd, shimmied (yes, I shimmied...), jumped, clapped, I just kept thinking... "this is it! THIS is what I'll write about tonight!" It's my slice of sweet life for today!

My immediate next thought was that there are no words to express the high I feel when I am here, doing this. How will I put into words the incredible happiness this room is filled with as about sixty women (and perhaps 3-5 men) form a community of fairly synchronized sweaty movement that also qualifies as a bona fide workout. 

How will I illustrate the importance of the "family" who doesn't even really know each other's names, but share this joy every Thursday and Tuesday? You know, there's the lady with red shoes. Then there's the "Yoko-Ono" look alike who moves in her unique dreamy style and we can't forget the woman who always wears headphones because the music is too loud. Then there's the lady with the contagious smile who must have lost 50 pounds in the last few years and "brings it" at every class. 

Our instructor, on stage, so positive, smiling, encouraging, "whooping"  and clearly cueing the joy. 

How will I explain the feeling of my spirit looking forward to perhaps dance being a bigger part of my life in my next lifetime?

No words for it...well, maybe one...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Little Man Learning

"It's the word, not the hand. It's the word, not the hand," Lisa repeated in a mix of awe and relief.
"Watch this!" she continued. "Berkley, stay." She held her palm to him in the stay signal.
My little man laid down immediately and longingly looked at Lisa, his very own personal trainer, for a morsel of that deelish chicken breast she used to lure him into great performances. Sad puppy dog eyes went into full "on" mode when he was asked to sit and stay once again, before getting his reward. 
"It's the word, not the hand", I heard again.
Eureka! I realized then, that the weeks I had spent teaching my pup to "Go to mat. Sit. Stay" with much success, were now his crutch as we worked on raising the level of his obedience skills. In his canine noggin, "stay" meant lay down and wait. Mama had just been cruising through the "sit" and always rewarded him as long as he stayed on the mat, laying down if he so desired. After all, why not be comfortable?
So, what's the big deal? Well- what if my little man will never ever hold a sit/stay?! What if he'll always stretch right out, no matter where we "stay"? What if we have to come up with a new bizarre command (Lisa suggested "marshmallow") to elicit a laying down behavior? What if?