Friday, March 17, 2017

The Universe Delivers

Over recent years, as I have delved into more “wonky” (please see earlier blogpost with this title)  , I have come across and tried a few new approaches to living life. One of these is The Law of Attraction, made quite popular by The Secret when it was published in 2006. I never read it back then, but have become a follower of a few LOA “gurus” and find it amazing that the theory of putting out a message to the Universe while in a good, positive vibrational place, will provide exactly what you want or in some cases, need.
Why am I “slicing” about this today? Well- the Universe delivered indirectly the swift kick in the proverbial you know what in the form of a minor knee sprain. I’d been limping and moaning and cramping on and off for about 3 weeks. The kind and observant P.E. teacher (thanks Khan) kept telling me “Dudenas! You need to get that checked out” whenever he passed my hobbling self in the halls at school. My usual  Zumba schedule was fading away. It was easier (or so I thought) to ice the knee and attempt fulfillment via all the wrong snacks. Yeah- no...I was spiraling into a woe is me, what if this is just an age thing and it’s not repairable pity party, when, pow! On a simple descent down the stairs at school the knee gave out. Fortunately Mr. Handrail was there to grab me, and the near tumble prompted a call to the doctor the very same day.
Well, the Universe delivered. After an evaluation this morning, I have been granted physical therapy 2x a week for a month, an entire page of exercises for “homework” along with encouragement to ride the stationary bike (and time off from Zumba -sad face).
Look at that- I have a path to getting back on track with taking care of my physical self.

Thank you Universe for keeping it real.


  1. It is no fun having an injury, but I'm so glad you will be on the mend soon. Happy to hear Mr. Handrail was on the job!

  2. It can be tricky to find the path to truly getting better, but I'm glad you've found it. Your slice has me thinking about what I might need to find to help myself feel better. Thank you.

  3. Oh no! I hope the PT works quickly! Maybe you can listen to the Zumba music while you bike?