Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mozart and Roku

Being of the generation that grew up with channels 2,5,7,9, 26 and 32 (if you're over 50 and grew up in Chicagoland this makes sense), the whole concept of streaming took a while for me to get accustomed to. The Roku device that arrived at my door sat in its package for many months. Then, after my daughter convinced and guided me to set it up- it sat in its forgotten HDMI 2  spot on the back of my TV for a few more months. I'm not a huge TV watcher to start out with, and then, it took some time for me to transfer my TV habit from, "I wonder what is on?" to "I feel like watching..." and enjoy the  freedom streaming provides. I slowly dipped my toe in the streaming pool by revisiting some faves from my youth  like "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and found great comfort in the nostalgia. Then I discovered "Mozart in the Jungle."So fun! So a world I do not know! Thirty minute episodes so no huge time commitment, though I have indeed spent 3 hours straight no problem. The characters, the relationships, the music! The addiction! Any fellow slicers get what "playing with blood" means?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Epilogue to The Struggle

Von Maur
Adooooooooorable cork wedged fun sandals
(As my daughter said, perfect for looking cute while sipping a summer beverage on a patio!)
I embraced the struggle

Friday, March 24, 2017


There’s a phenomenon (okay, perhaps I am exaggerating) called Popsockets hitting many cell phones and devices. I am not, by the way, being paid to promote this product. My daughter and all her twenty-something friends had them on their phones when I saw them recently and I was intrigued. Ever since I graduated to what I call my “mini, mini iPad” a.k.a. iPhone6 Plus, it has been a challenge to hold the phone comfortably with one hand- especially when it’s selfie time!  My concern was that the little attachment would be too would catch on insides of pockets, get stuck in my purse, be too thick to slide into a back jean pocket. I was mistaken! I’d share a pic of these little helpers, but they are attached to  the phone I need to use to take the picture, so I’ll illustrate with images from Google.

After a good 30 minutes on Amazon and deciding the right style of my new toys...I waited. In a few days they were at my door and after attaching them, I have found fabulously helpful uses. I got two due to the length of my phone. No more strategically propping the phone against the fruit basket while reading a recipe while cooking. Popsockets to the rescue! Watching a video is a breeze while multitasking thanks to the easels the Popsockets form. When talking on the phone, I simply pop one open and let my hand relax, flat, with fingers hugging the socket. Well, and when its selfie time- I got it!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Struggle

This struggle is real. I've triple checked with women near and dear to me.
The struggle? Footwear in this transitional weather.
Today it was 46 degrees in the lovely Chicago suburb where I live and work. I easily chose a newer pair of boots to wear. They're fairly new thanks to the post winter clearance sales. The boots of true winter days are just not fresh and inviting anymore, but nevertheless, the recently freshened up selection works! No brainer dressing for school.
Tomorrow will be 75 fabulous degrees! Yay! However, for feet that have been booted all winter, this is quite a sudden coming out into public view once again. How bad does that pedi look? Sure- sandals aren't required- a nice closed shoe could work, IF THEY EXISTED! It's either very flat flats that not everyone (ahem) can handle or matronly super supportive heavy wintery shoes. Anyone out there have a solution?
All suggestions welcome!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Stress

Stress- a word that typically has negative connotations. Stress- we're supposed to do all kinds of things to relieve it and/or prevent it because it can cause health problems, emotional issues, and make us simply...stressed.
I am definitely in stress mode, but I keep reminding myself that it's all good, happy stress. How can that be? All the events filling up my calendar are actually positive.  Two in-district classes (need to be on a Twitter Live chat in 15 minutes, writing daily, physical therapy for the bum knee, formal observation the last day before spring break, checking out my daughter's wedding venue, a Friday night outing with the YA-YAs (a group of besties). All of these things will improve my craft, my health, my relationships! All positive, but I know...stressed!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coffee! Glorious, Wonderful, Delicious Coffee!

As I stood next to a co-worker's desk today discussing an upcoming lesson that needed some  fine tuning today, I took a sip of my freshly "Keuriged" hot beverage and said, "Mmm, I just love coffee. I think that's what I'll blog about today."
Yes- I do indeed enjoy and worship this hot caffeinated elixir. I'm that person who can relate to every cute and sometimes cheesy saying on all the mugs at Home Goods. I'm the person who scoffs at decaf, because, seriously, why? I'll admit I was decaffing a few years back due to blood pressure issues, though.
My love affair with coffee began when I was fifteen. My Mom and I were at a restaurant called The Blueberry Cafe for these amazing blueberry pancakes when she casually suggested I have some coffee as well. I don't remember ever having some incredible longing to try coffee prior to that, but whoa! I was hooked. We've been together ever since!

Monday, March 20, 2017


Had a great weekend. No social commitments, leaving it wide open for catching up with some work for classes I’m currently taking, laundry, bills, tweaking the paperwork for an upcoming formal observation...all interspersed with leisurely puppy strolls, family phone calls, impromptu lunch with my daughter. Yup- it’s going to be a great week!  I feel rejuvenated AND caught up. Sunday night blues were minimal, as I was not in panic mode. Life was good to go for the week of March 20th. I even got to bed earlier than usual.
The thunder woke me once or twice, only because my canine companion is not a fan, and essentially sits above my head on the pillow in full alert mode thinking the world is ending, but once I got him to hide under the covers, we drifted back into a sweet slumber. Enough rest was definitely happening.
I actually awoke before my alarm, which is pretty much a miracle. Cool, I thought,I’m really well-rested. What a fabulous way to start the week!  Then, I looked at my phone- 6:33?! AT that moment Harry Belafonte heralded me with “Jump in the line, rock your body on time” (what can I say- Beetlejuice fan).

That’s a whole hour later than my usual wake up time! Apparently my leisurely weekend had carried over into some leisurely alarm setting. Panic at the forefront of my chillaxin’ attitude for this fine Monday.