Friday, March 31, 2017

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

As the farewell song from one of my family's favorite musical runs through my head, I ponder how I really feel about this challenge being over. It was grand, but yet, I feel a slight sense of relief from no longer having those panicky moments of "I didn't blog today! What time is it?" or "Oh my gosh....I wrote my blog, but forgot to link it...wait, or did I?"
I do sincerely hope that I continue to blog when inspiration strikes. Someone mentioned a Tuesday blog...I shall explore.
Thanks to everyone for being a welcoming community and for sharing your stories.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disco Inferno

Taking a brief pause in my dance party in the living room to share a slice. Part of my staycation spring break agenda was a trip to the Drury Lane Theater to see their production of Saturday Night Fever. To be economically wise we went for matinee tix at 1:30pm! Let me just say, my mid 50s friend and I never felt so young. Clearly the real seniors came out for this one! 
The production was awesome! So many connections to wardrobe, dance moves, lingo. Having actually taken disco lessons back in the 70s with a group of 6+ friends, who all crammed into the cool guy's Mustang to get there every Thursday night (yep- being straight up here), I was feeling it. Had we not been concerned about blocking the other patrons' view, we would have been dancing in the aisles. But we were courteous, hence, getting my groove on in the living room go! Thank you Spotify for always providing! Stayin' alive!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will I Have Withdrawal?

 As my first ever blogging experience is approaching the end, I wonder how I'll feel once it's done? Clearly, there's no expiration date. Blogger will be there and I can continue the writing habit, but will I?
As hesitant as I was in committing to this challenge, I whole-heartedly admit that I got a lot out of it. For the past year and a half, I'd mentally compose musings and observations on nature as I walked the dog through various seasons, and think "I should try this blogging stuff that I see people posting about. It would be a good experience. But oh no...I can't imagine putting myself out there for others to read, to critique? Too scary..." and so I put the notion far, far away.
Then along came this opportunity, and after some coaxing from previous "slicers" at my school, I jumped in enthusiastically. The passion may have faded a bit as the weeks went on. My daughter teased me about my entries getting a bit weak. Inspiration didn't seem to inspire as regularly as it did the first week, but nevertheless, I think I may be a little sad when it ends. Not only did it provide a daily practice of exercising the writing muscles, it helped me learn so much about perseverance, commitment, following through, making it happen. It also opened new connections and built closer bonds with coworkers via shared stories.
I think Blogger will be my buddy well into spring, summer...and I'll finally write all those musings and observations. I'll be a brave blogger!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Unwinding is Tough

Okay- it's officially day 2 of the work week of spring break. Is anyone else still finding themselves occasionally thinking- oooh, wow, I have a free minute! What can I get off the to-do list? I have booked myself solid with friends and family visits during the daytime, because I don't want to look back at this staycation and question "what did I do all week?", but as soon as I'm home I feel like I should be accomplishing  something, so...I'm going to step right out of that comfort zone and go hit the couch with a magazine and the remote. How's that for a "slice of life?"

Monday, March 27, 2017

Clock Watching Freedom

So what's the best thing about spring break? Is it all the fun lunch dates I've made with family and finds? The trip to the outlet mall that awaits at the end of the week? Hanging out in yoga pants, sweatshirts and other comfy wear (like my flannel llama pajama pants)? Perhaps those lazy no-alarm wake ups? That last one is getting's not having to watch the clock!
I do love teaching! I love the kids! I love my colleagues! But, I do not love the clock watching of the day and how tied we are to specific times and bells.
This week gives us a reprieve...ah... Uh-oh! It's getting close to seven o'clock- time for Dancing With the Stars!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mozart and Roku

Being of the generation that grew up with channels 2,5,7,9, 26 and 32 (if you're over 50 and grew up in Chicagoland this makes sense), the whole concept of streaming took a while for me to get accustomed to. The Roku device that arrived at my door sat in its package for many months. Then, after my daughter convinced and guided me to set it up- it sat in its forgotten HDMI 2  spot on the back of my TV for a few more months. I'm not a huge TV watcher to start out with, and then, it took some time for me to transfer my TV habit from, "I wonder what is on?" to "I feel like watching..." and enjoy the  freedom streaming provides. I slowly dipped my toe in the streaming pool by revisiting some faves from my youth  like "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and found great comfort in the nostalgia. Then I discovered "Mozart in the Jungle."So fun! So a world I do not know! Thirty minute episodes so no huge time commitment, though I have indeed spent 3 hours straight no problem. The characters, the relationships, the music! The addiction! Any fellow slicers get what "playing with blood" means?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Epilogue to The Struggle

Von Maur
Adooooooooorable cork wedged fun sandals
(As my daughter said, perfect for looking cute while sipping a summer beverage on a patio!)
I embraced the struggle