Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of My Best Friends

I have a friend I have been chums with since I was fifteen. This friend always provides a well needed jolt to my reality, is inspirational, and never disagrees with me.
I love that this friend is comfortable anywhere at all and that I always look forward to spending time together in any setting. Sometimes we hang out in my living room or kitchen.Sometimes we just sit at the local cafe or a more corporate place like a Starbucks. Occasionally, it's a road trip that keeps our bond going, with me being the soulful recipient of the ignition this great companionship  always delivers. This loyal companion even helps me get my workdays off to a clear start.
Once in a rare while, this relationship does indeed get forgotten, and just sits, collecting a film of indifference. But those moments are few and far between, because most often, just like tonight, I simply cannot wait to be with my best buddy again tomorrow morning!
That wonderful, warm, dark brown cup of java is so welcoming!


  1. Well, you got me good here. I was thinking how lucky you are to have such a friend. And I got really stuck on this phrase: collecting a film of indifference. I thought "what an interesting way of putting it." And, then, your last line! Great Slice, Lydia! So fun!

  2. Hah, I fell for it too. I was sitting here thinking, who on earth is she talking about??