Monday, March 27, 2017

Clock Watching Freedom

So what's the best thing about spring break? Is it all the fun lunch dates I've made with family and finds? The trip to the outlet mall that awaits at the end of the week? Hanging out in yoga pants, sweatshirts and other comfy wear (like my flannel llama pajama pants)? Perhaps those lazy no-alarm wake ups? That last one is getting's not having to watch the clock!
I do love teaching! I love the kids! I love my colleagues! But, I do not love the clock watching of the day and how tied we are to specific times and bells.
This week gives us a reprieve...ah... Uh-oh! It's getting close to seven o'clock- time for Dancing With the Stars!


  1. It is crazy how much a teacher's life is governed by the clock! Oh the freedom of vacation and bathroom breaks whenever you choose!

  2. It was my first day back from Spring Break and I am envious. I miss sleeping in and not paying attention to the clock. Enjoy your week!!