Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tiny Bird

A few years back, I was gifted an interesting book. It was quite "heavy", spiritual, deep, universal. The teacher in me took over as I text coded the pages. One passage made an especially powerful impact on me.
 It said, " What, therefore, is your gift to humanity? It is to express what you are in beauty and strength, knowing that you are an eternal power. A sparrow has beauty because it expresses the Force naturally. It is its very essence, or its bird likeness, that gives it charm, and yet what does it amount to?
A sparrow is no more than a little lump of bone and feather, two toothpicks for legs, and a silly "tweet" for a voice, but it gives pleasure without knowing it. The reason for this is that its power is not cluttered by mind or emotion. It is pure, a spontaneous example the life force in motion." (The Force by Stuart Wilde)
I'm not sure why, even as I type the words here, but it really spoke to me as I coded the passage with a simple bird-like sketch. Even now, I get teary. Somehow I identified, I envied, I found comfort.
A few weeks later, while shopping, I spotted this framed sculpture in a shop I rarely visit...had to have it.
And just last week, when I texted my daughters for blog-naming suggestions, the reply I received was "Tiny Bird with a Big Song". The Universe, the Force, speaks...or tweets!


  1. I think it is a perfect name! Thank you for sharing the story of how it came to be.

  2. I use to be take the March Challenge. Now I just enjoy the inspiration of others and hope to write more than I have. I was attracted to your post by your blog name. Names choose us, I'm afraid. So good of your daughters to share their thoughts with you. Sing on, Tiny Bird!

  3. I was wondering about your blog name actually!

    I love this story. I really like how you can't even yet completely describe why that passage resonates with you so much. Sometimes, we're just drawn to words like that. Gives me goosebumps.

    You were meant to have that picture. And this blog. :)