Friday, March 24, 2017


There’s a phenomenon (okay, perhaps I am exaggerating) called Popsockets hitting many cell phones and devices. I am not, by the way, being paid to promote this product. My daughter and all her twenty-something friends had them on their phones when I saw them recently and I was intrigued. Ever since I graduated to what I call my “mini, mini iPad” a.k.a. iPhone6 Plus, it has been a challenge to hold the phone comfortably with one hand- especially when it’s selfie time!  My concern was that the little attachment would be too would catch on insides of pockets, get stuck in my purse, be too thick to slide into a back jean pocket. I was mistaken! I’d share a pic of these little helpers, but they are attached to  the phone I need to use to take the picture, so I’ll illustrate with images from Google.

After a good 30 minutes on Amazon and deciding the right style of my new toys...I waited. In a few days they were at my door and after attaching them, I have found fabulously helpful uses. I got two due to the length of my phone. No more strategically propping the phone against the fruit basket while reading a recipe while cooking. Popsockets to the rescue! Watching a video is a breeze while multitasking thanks to the easels the Popsockets form. When talking on the phone, I simply pop one open and let my hand relax, flat, with fingers hugging the socket. Well, and when its selfie time- I got it!


  1. These have been all the rage with my students, too! I don't know why I never thought to check them out myself, but after your slice, I just might go visit Amazon myself! Thank you!

  2. I'm going to check these out! Thanks!