Friday, March 10, 2017


Where are you inspiration?
I just can't get going without you!
Though I am sincerely enjoying "slicing" this finding Friday evening creativity non-existent.
I considered a poetic piece on the fire that's crackling on this, one of the coldest March nights...meh...
Then I thought of sharing my concern about the negativity and violence in our world, but...why give power to the bad vibes...nope.
Perhaps a simple sleepy passage on the need for rest and relaxation this Friday evening?
Not warm, cozy comforter beckons.
Point taken- future Friday blogs will be morning musings.


  1. Coziness beckons- yes! Glad you wrote a bit anyway :)

  2. Nothing better after a hard week of working...enjoy and sleep well

  3. Writer's block happens to the best of us! Perhaps in cases such as this you could fall back on a format post to help inspire like Currently..., Today I..., Hello There..., or any number of list posts. Just a thought!

    My blog:

  4. I often get writer's block, too. Slicing every day is a challenge! I think I'm doing a lot of self-talk this year because whenever I sit down to write, I am able to successfully drown out the negative voice in my head. My slices may not all be stellar, but I feel they are a faithful compilation of my state of mind this month. Keep slicing!