Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Relationships- they’re what make the world go round! We have them in all areas and of all types- personal, professional, familial, simply cordial, soul mate level...the list goes on! “Relationships” is very much the buzz word, validly so, in business, education, medicine and other areas. We have everything from The Huffington Post to The Wall Street Journal posting and tweeting on the value and positive impact relationships make on our health, longevity and happiness.

I’m all for relationships. I’m a people person. However, I recently learned that one of my relationship building tools is a big no-no! Just recently, a colleague and I attended a fantastic keynote address with dinner type event and...the speaker said there a few things that do NOT belong in any home, classroom or relationship. One was yelling (agreed) and the other was, if can you believe it, sarcasm! Well, I couldn’t believe it...I’m  lovingly sarcastic on a regular basis. Listen to me joking with fifth graders in the lunchroom, bonding with students over a writing conference, speaking to my dearest friends and family. Okay- I’ll admit back when I taught first grade sarcasm didn’t fly very well...some would look at me with teary eyes and I’d lovingly say “I’m joking!” while the two or three who “got it” snickered with satisfaction.

Oh well...I gotta be me! I’ll be more sensitive to when and where I use sarcasm, but it seems to be what keeps many of my connections lively and real.


  1. No sarcasm? Life's not worth living without sarcasm, if you ask me! (I realize no one did, but I'm going to say it anyway!)

  2. I'm pretty sarcastic, too, so this makes me think. I'll be more sensitive to it now, too. You have me wondering how many times I may have said something sarcastic to my daughters and maybe hurt their feelings without realizing it? Hmm...