Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mood Alteration

After yesterday's incredible dry spell regarding ideas for blogging, I found today to be a very generous idea day. I went from a warm, fuzzy family inspiration, to some news that, for a moment, turned my world upside down, and THAT is what I had decided to blog on until I decided to get myself to a better place because dang it, I was angry! So I went with my usual mood altering technique, the one that never fails. I had so much mood boosting going on that I thought I'd share a "slice" of that today.

Simple really. Never left my own living room. Just turned on the Bluetooth speaker, Spotify and...voila! Tinybirdwithabigsong became tinybirdwithalottamoves (accompanied by a happily frenzied pup). Yes, I "put my pinky ring up to the moon" and well, life was good again!

Music is the most powerful force in the Universe to me. Funny, coming from someone who really can't sing (yet!) except in the car with Broadway musical soundtracks. Geez...I'm really being painfully open here- stepping out of the proverbial comfort zone indeed! This, from a girl who was told by her music teacher in her teens, "Lydia, you're a young person brimming with emotion. Put that emotion into your music." Yeah- wasn't loving' the accordion Dad brought home for me to play when I was hoping for a piano... Like I said, painfully open. I digress... back to my happy place.

Music soothes me. Music evokes memories I would have never remembered. Music connects one's soul to special people and places. It focuses me when I work,  makes my heart dance with joy, and yet, can just as easily cause a lump in my throat and cause tears to well up. Sometimes tears of sadness, sometimes wistful whimpers, but mostly elation and complete "in the moment" happiness!

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