Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disco Inferno

Taking a brief pause in my dance party in the living room to share a slice. Part of my staycation spring break agenda was a trip to the Drury Lane Theater to see their production of Saturday Night Fever. To be economically wise we went for matinee tix at 1:30pm! Let me just say, my mid 50s friend and I never felt so young. Clearly the real seniors came out for this one! 
The production was awesome! So many connections to wardrobe, dance moves, lingo. Having actually taken disco lessons back in the 70s with a group of 6+ friends, who all crammed into the cool guy's Mustang to get there every Thursday night (yep- being straight up here), I was feeling it. Had we not been concerned about blocking the other patrons' view, we would have been dancing in the aisles. But we were courteous, hence, getting my groove on in the living room go! Thank you Spotify for always providing! Stayin' alive!


  1. How fun! This sounds like a blast. Love the memory that goes with the show and the living in moment of Saturday Night Fever. Great slice!