Sunday, March 5, 2017

March Madness

It's March...which brings to mind so many things:
 March Madness as in basketball brackets,
 St. Patrick's Day and all of its glorious celebrations,
 Fat Tuesday,
 The hope of seeing the first spring sprouts of green peeking through the soil,
 The first day of spring!

And then there's the rich, creamy goodness of that "this time of year only" delectable treat. Creamy, smooth, sweet, visually appealing, as its pale minty green color harkens spring along with the need to drive through the nearest "golden arches" and get just a little one. Just a bit of a treat. This is my personal March Madness, because though I like ice cream, and am the first to enjoy a sweet treat, I find my recently found love for Shamrock Shakes surprising. 

I hadn't given them a second thought, till just early last week. I saw our evening custodian arrive for work, happily sipping on one. 
"Oh my gosh! Is that a Shamrock Shake? Are they out already?", I asked excitedly. 
You know where I detoured to on the way home that day...only to be told "We're sorry M'am. Our machine is down today."
Argh! March MADNESS indeed!

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  1. Oh no!!! I love the way that you ended this piece--very clever indeed. You described them so well that now I want one too!