Monday, March 20, 2017


Had a great weekend. No social commitments, leaving it wide open for catching up with some work for classes I’m currently taking, laundry, bills, tweaking the paperwork for an upcoming formal observation...all interspersed with leisurely puppy strolls, family phone calls, impromptu lunch with my daughter. Yup- it’s going to be a great week!  I feel rejuvenated AND caught up. Sunday night blues were minimal, as I was not in panic mode. Life was good to go for the week of March 20th. I even got to bed earlier than usual.
The thunder woke me once or twice, only because my canine companion is not a fan, and essentially sits above my head on the pillow in full alert mode thinking the world is ending, but once I got him to hide under the covers, we drifted back into a sweet slumber. Enough rest was definitely happening.
I actually awoke before my alarm, which is pretty much a miracle. Cool, I thought,I’m really well-rested. What a fabulous way to start the week!  Then, I looked at my phone- 6:33?! AT that moment Harry Belafonte heralded me with “Jump in the line, rock your body on time” (what can I say- Beetlejuice fan).

That’s a whole hour later than my usual wake up time! Apparently my leisurely weekend had carried over into some leisurely alarm setting. Panic at the forefront of my chillaxin’ attitude for this fine Monday.


  1. Oh this has happened on a Monday far too many times than I care to admit, lol. Especially, on rainy days and Mondays. <-- payback for the "can't help that day" earworm already haunting me as I type this ;)

  2. That's why I set my alarm to three times, ten minutes from each other! I had a similar issue with my pup last night, and I also got him to calm down by hiding under the covers!