Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Struggle

This struggle is real. I've triple checked with women near and dear to me.
The struggle? Footwear in this transitional weather.
Today it was 46 degrees in the lovely Chicago suburb where I live and work. I easily chose a newer pair of boots to wear. They're fairly new thanks to the post winter clearance sales. The boots of true winter days are just not fresh and inviting anymore, but nevertheless, the recently freshened up selection works! No brainer dressing for school.
Tomorrow will be 75 fabulous degrees! Yay! However, for feet that have been booted all winter, this is quite a sudden coming out into public view once again. How bad does that pedi look? Sure- sandals aren't required- a nice closed shoe could work, IF THEY EXISTED! It's either very flat flats that not everyone (ahem) can handle or matronly super supportive heavy wintery shoes. Anyone out there have a solution?
All suggestions welcome!


  1. I feel your shoe struggle as a fellow Chicago suburbanite. I'm usually in a pair of Sperrys, Clarks or Asics with a set of inserts. Our poor feet and empty wallets! Good shoes are pricey.

  2. Now that I have had three surgeries to correct an injury on my foot, my shoe options will be limited. I envy :) your dilemma, as I really love shoes, sandals, boots - all of it! Aerosols has some nice in between season options - check them out!

  3. The struggle is real. I wear flats. My toes are... ummm, not ready. :)