Sunday, March 12, 2017

She's on Her Way

Though today's temperature and date are still on a winter's page according to the calendar, I'd say Spring is sneaking in her arrival once again. This time, not with as much audacity as a few weeks ago, when we were pulling out the 
warm- weather wardrobes, and kids were showing up to school in shorts, but nevertheless...she's on the way! 

Lazy Sundays allow for a leisurely stroll for the little man and me and today,we saw plenty of Madame Spring's calling cards scattered around the neighborhood.
The paths were alive with fellow canine friends and their charges smiling and greeting each other with hopeful "Isn't the sunshine great today?" hellos. Peeking preludes of flowers to come even caught Berkley's attention as they popped through the dull wood chips. And the classic messenger of spring, a chipper and chubby and red breasted robin hopped right across our path.
And tonight, when it's still light out at close to 7 pm, we'll be reassured of winter's welcome farewell.


  1. "Madame Spring's calling cards".
    I love the way you word things!

  2. My favorite line included "peeking preludes...popped"! Loved it!

  3. I sit here with a spray of forsythia in a vase on my table, reading about your robin and rejoicing in the sunlight - although we had a light snow here this morning in central NC. Perhaps it was Old Man Winter's parting salute to Madame Spring.

  4. Love the picture of your pup! I'm dreading this snowstorm we're supposed to have tonight and tomorrow...hopefully we'll get back to spring soon!

  5. i hope it is a farewell to the winter! we are so over!

  6. This is a beautifully written post. I love your word choice and the color green for the ink too!